Definition of Termts:

• Service means le access .o the Internet through New Generation Internet Service limited ond NGISl s owrn network will provide fiber optic cable or radio connec.tion to the subscriber .
• NGISL shall include any value added features from time to time ensure quality of service

Service Provision and Access:

• Service will commence on the date when NGISL hand over the link to the subscriber of offcially
• We will not be responsible for normal power failure or low voltage to provide 24 hours service of internet

Termination of Service:

• Subscriber can stop using internet service of NGISL anytime upon subm1tt1ng a prior notice. But NGISL will not refund anyAmount paid as membership fees.
• Subscription period six months minimum.
• The prior notice of termination of the service should reach NGISL authority before one month from the date of termination .

Subscriber's Responsibilities:

• The subscriber shall not engage in any illegal operation of VOiP or suc h activities or any other operation without Approval of the Government. .
• The subscriber will protect the secrecy of the password assigned to him/her at all times and will ensure that the sa.e is not revealed or disclosed in any circumstance. NGISL will not be responsible for any charge, losses or damages arising From any misuse of his/her account.
• The subscribers hall not attempt for unauthorized access to any computer system connected to internet.
• The subscriber use limited data transfer. Subscriber is allowed to transfer data as per subscription type. For additional Data transfer NGISL will charge as per the company policy.
• The Subscriber shall be solely responsible for the hardware and software uses to have access to the service.
• The media converter or ONU is the property of NGISL. Thus the subscribe r should be responsible to take care of this device.

Data Transfer Speed:

• Subscriber hereby acknowledge and accepts that as with any network, actual downstream speed when using the service affected by many factors without limitation:-
.Overall network traffic condition.
.Performance and configuration of subscriber's computer or equipment connected to the network .
.Type of data accessed, whether non-cashed or cached data.
.Location and configuration of the accessed server and performance characteristics of each component of the data network, the number of user and the extent of all user's compliance with these conditions.


• Usage charge of the current month should be paid within l0th of every month. Methods of payment should be mention in the bill.
• If connection is taken before lOth of the month, usage charge for that month will be full and if it is taken after lOth the usage charge will be as Per day basis for the first month only.
• Absence to pay the bill within lOthof current month will result in temporary suspended of the service.
• If any account is not used or disabled for two month, the account will deleted from our server. Tako l000/-will be charged to re-activation

For Apartment/Group Users:

• To qualify for apartment/group user's rate, there has to be minimum of 5 users in the building.
• Media converter or ONU, Switch, Cable etc. all belong to NGISL.
• Apartment has to be provide UPS and Power Supply to install Media Converter or ONU, Switch & Router etc.
• New Generation Internet Services Ltd.'s Rights: -
• NGISL reserves the right to manage and control the access to the computer systems and data system.
• NGISL will not be responsible for any copyright violation by the subscribers under the Internet, local and International copyright laws and any activities deemed subversive to the country.
• NGISL will not be responsible for failure in providing Internet service for access link problem at Submarine cable, ITC and NTTN's Network Operation Center and power failure , adverse weather condition or political unrest .
• NGISL hold the right to discontinue/stop the service, which is deemed necessary for the interest of NGISL or subscriber.
• NGISL reserves the right to change the above conditions as and when needed.
• NGISL will not be liable for any compensation for not providing internet services due to reasons beyond NGISL's control.


• Avoid using this product during an electrical storm. There may be remote risk of an electric shock from lightning.
• Do not use this product near water or in a damp environment .
• Use only the power adaptor supplied with this product.
• Save these instructions.

I have read the terms & conditions and I accept their conditions of the company. I would like to use internet facilities through New Generation Internet Services Limited.