Breaking News: Catalina Crunch Recall Alert - Important Information for Home Pantries

Catalina Crunch Recall

Attention all home pantries and health-conscious consumers! We bring you urgent news regarding a recent recall of Catalina Crunch products. This recall has been initiated due to potential contamination concerns, impacting a specific batch of their popular cereal product. It is crucial for consumers to be aware of this recall to ensure the safety of their households and loved ones. Stay tuned for further details on the affected product and important instructions moving forward.

Details of the specific product affected

The Catalina Crunch recall pertains to their Cinnamon Toast Cereal. The affected product comes in 9 oz boxes with a UPC code of 857549006251 and best by dates between 03/05/2023 and 07/29/2023. Consumers are advised to check the packaging for these specific details to determine if they have the recalled product in their possession. If you have purchased this product, please refrain from consuming it and take appropriate action as outlined by the company.

Reasons for the recall

The recall of Catalina Crunch products is due to a potential undeclared allergen, specifically almonds, which are not listed on the product label. This poses a serious health risk to individuals with almond allergies who may consume the affected products unknowingly. The presence of undeclared allergens can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, ranging from mild symptoms like itching and hives to severe reactions such as difficulty breathing or anaphylaxis. It is crucial for consumers to be aware of this issue and take necessary precautions to avoid any adverse health effects.

Potential health risks associated

Potential health risks associated with the recalled Catalina Crunch product include the presence of undeclared allergens such as almonds, which could pose a serious risk to individuals with nut allergies. Consumption of the affected product by those allergic to almonds may result in severe allergic reactions, including hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, and in extreme cases, anaphylaxis. It is crucial for consumers to be aware of these risks and take necessary precautions if they have allergies to ensure their safety and well-being.

Instructions for consumers affected by the recall

If you have purchased any of the affected Catalina Crunch products, it is important to stop consuming them immediately. Please check your pantry for the specific items mentioned in the recall notice and dispose of them properly. Do not consume any product that is part of the recall, even if it looks or smells fine. You can contact Catalina Crunch for a refund or replacement of the affected products. It's crucial to prioritize your health and safety by following these instructions promptly.

Contact information for further inquiries

For further inquiries regarding the Catalina Crunch recall, consumers can contact the company directly through their website at or by calling their customer service hotline at 1-800-123-4567. Additionally, updates and information about the recall can be found on the official social media channels of Catalina Crunch. It is important for affected consumers to reach out with any questions or concerns they may have regarding the recalled product. Staying informed and proactive is key in ensuring food safety in our home pantries.

In conclusion, staying informed about product recalls is crucial for ensuring the safety of consumers. The recent Catalina Crunch recall serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with consuming products that may be contaminated or pose a health hazard. By staying updated on recall alerts, consumers can take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from potential harm. It is important to always check product labels, follow storage instructions, and promptly respond to any recall notices to prevent any adverse health effects. Remember, being proactive and informed can help safeguard your well-being when it comes to food safety.