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NGISL Broadband offer versatile speeds and smooth browsing experience.

Try it to believe it!

NGISL has emerged as the top-notch Broadband Service Provider in all the major cities of Bangladesh. You will be amazed to experience our High-Speed Broadband Plans in Dhaka & other top cities of Bangladesh. An internet connection with annoying speed is simply considered as waste by today’s users. It is time to accept the fact that internet is growing powerful and everyone needs the best internet plans price. We embrace the latest technologies and promise to deliver hassle-free Wi-Fi connection. Our team is proud of being recognized as the most trusted Broadband Service Provider. Moreover, different internet users have different requirements. We understand your exact needs and offer reliable data plans with the fastest Internet connection.


In this digital day and age, businesses grow when people connect. True Broadband speed and round the clock connectivity dictate the progression of every business. And when so much depends on speed and connectivity, downtime is something that your business should never experience. So, the smart option is to switch to NGISL BROADBAND, because in the world of business, the one who’s always connected wins. NGISL Broadband offers strategically customized Internet Leased Line plans for small, medium and large businesses ranging from e-commerce start-ups to established manufacturers, BPOs, software firms, media organizations and travel agencies. Our fast and steady network promises to add value to your time and money. So, get NGISL BROADBAND for Internet Leased Lines and connect better